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Have you ever seen a performer that so engaged & entertained his audience that it brought instant good will to the event? Well, that is what I do. My focus is to bring you the best possible performance to truly make your event MAGICAL! I have done this for shopping malls for many years and can do this for you as well!

My view on themed shows is probably different than most. It’s not just about ME and MY SHOW, it’s also about spreading good will to those who attend and leaving families with a great memory. I know how hard it is these days to get people to come any sort of event or function. But there are methods and strategies that can be used to maximize the impact of the program.

I started presenting themed shows at  shopping malls back in the mid 1990s and continued performing at malls for about ten years.  I learned a lot during my time performing at the malls, both on how to draw the crowd, how to maximize the show potential, and how to make sure the audience was thrilled and so was the Marketing Director of the mall! I took a break from the mall shows around 2003 mainly because I had opened my own theatre and was busy with that project. But I never stopped offering themed shows for Halloween and the Holidays.

I’ve got some great ideas that I know will be beneficial to you, and your patrons! Before you read about my packages, take a moment to watch the video below, its short and it’s what I usually open my show with.

I wanted you to see that for a reason. After being introduced, I don’t have to say anything. I walk out, begin to perform the Hula Hoop routine (it runs 3 minutes) and because it is large, very visible and also unusual, it helps to draw a crowd. If there isn’t a crowd to start with, there will be by the time the routine is over. And the fun is just beginning….check out my show packages and you’ll learn more about what I do to build the crowd, keep them and give them a memory to remember and all while reinforcing the greatness of your Mall.mall-packages

There are basically three packages I offer, with slight variations in each. They include Mall Stage Shows, Magical Production shows, and Themed Shows.

The Carnegie: Mall Show is a show created for the entire family, NOT just for kids. As I mentioned, the show usually begins with the Hula Hoops or something similar because it’s very visual and helps to draw a crowd. Then I move into an interactive routine with the adults in the audience. This is something every adult can participate in doing and the conclusion is quite surprising and uplifting. I sometimes follow with a second demonstration for the adults. At this point in the show, whether the audience knew of me before or not, now I have won their approval and they will usually stay for the rest of the entertainment. Any magic I do with volunteers at this point are folks that come up from the audience onto the stage or performing area. There will be at least one routine with a child from the audience. They are going to be treated like a star! Great memory for the parents and highly entertaining for anyone watching.

Every onstage helper receives a prize. These are provided by the Mall, so this is something we need to work out prior to the show. Usually, a gift card from one of the Mall stores is perfect, but with a kid, I usually prefer something more, a toy or book. Any of the people who get the prize are encouraged to use their card THAT DAY in order to receive an extra bonus from the store. Again, this is worked out beforehand with the Mall and store. We want to not only entertain people, we want to get folks INTO the stores shopping! The show finishes with some feature trick, maybe a big illusion or something grand. Maximum time is 30 minutes on this show, because we don’t want to keep them standing around, we want to get these folks off into the stores. Then repeat the show several times in the day.


MAGICAL PRODUCTION OF…SHOW One of the most popular Mall programs is the Magical Production of Santa Claus for a Mall’s Santa Arrival for the Holiday Shopping Season or The Easter Bunny for Spring Shopping Season. Carnegie has magically produced many Santa’s over the years, as well as special guests, CEO’s, and even celebrities. He has a variety of methods available to create the illusion. There are important things to take into consideration when preparing for this effect.

  • 1. We keep the amount of rehearsal to a minimum. We usually have to run through the routine 2 or 3 times for the person who will be produced to understand the procedure and be comfortable with the process.
  • 2. Be sure the illusion is visible to as many people as possible. The effect we use 99% of the time can be done with people on all sides and even looking down from above. When the person appears there is always an audible gasp from the audience followed by applause!
  • 3. Get all the logistical information on the location, where the performance will be, how far from a back hallway, etc.. The rehearsals will take place out of sight of shoppers. There have been occasions where a different prop must be used to produce Santa/Special Guest and all this must be figured out ahead of time.

The Magical Production Of...Show begins with a 30 minute Illusion show. Starting off with the show helps to gather the crowd and makes sure the maximum amount of people are there to view the Arrival. This show is an Illusion Show, which means it’s a larger than your typical magic show. Though the show changes from year to year, we generally include effects where we make someone appear (other than Santa), sometimes make people vanish, possibly a floating a person trick, and more. The Magical Production itself only takes a couple minutes. Basically it’s the amount of time it takes to roll the prop out, open it to show it empty and then close it up and have the audience shout whatever magic word we agree upon, and PRESTO there is Santa, Easter Bunny or whomever we are producing.

Option1: We offer the option of repeating the show (minus the production) one time after the Santa Arrival Event is over (typically 30 minutes to an hour after the Arrival). There is no charge for one repeat within the hour time frame. If you’d like the show repeated more than once during the day, there is a charge. 

Option 2: This is for a slightly smaller show in scale, but it still includes the large Santa Production.

Option3: It is possible also to do just the Magical Production without the 30 minute show. We still do about 15 minutes of magic, to warm up the crowd before Santa arrives.

BELOW is a video of the routine producing a costumed character before an audience of children.

carnhalloween2_THEMED SHOWS The themed shows include the Halloween Magic Show and the Holiday Magic Show (the actual show names change each year). Believe me when I tell you, a strong show title, like The Carnegie Spooktacular Magic Show, is far more appealing and far more likely to draw an audience than, ‘we are having a magic show’ or the dreaded ‘magic show’.  Speaking of the Halloween show, this program is typically 30-45 minutes of magic all themed around Halloween, so there are tricks with monsters, candy, pumpkins and the usual things you see around this time. We can present a shorter show, 20-30 minutes and repeat it several times if you prefer. It really depends upon the way you plan to do  your trick or treating event.

Our Holiday show is also very themed, with Santa Claus tricks, reindeer routines, snowmen and the like. It’s very festive and probably the most geared towards kids because it typically follows or is used along with the Santa Production. However, there will still be things in the show for adults as well. We want to include the whole family!

The Springtime Magic Show, which is often used when the Easter Bunny makes his appearance, is light-hearted and fun and filled with tricks with eggs, candy, flowers and similar topical items.

Customization: If you have an idea for a Themed Show we can customize a show just for you. We once were asked to make a company mascot appear magically during a special event and then we later included their mascot in our show. For us, that was easy and the client was thrilled. If you’ve got an idea, let us know and we’ll be happy to ponder it and see what we can come up with for you.

Special Gifts: WE do like to give out Mall related Gifts at all the shows, for the simple reason that it promotes the Mall and your stores. Gift cards can often be the best thing because they allow the shopper to go into the store and choose the items they want. All this must be worked out between you and your stores and the performer prior to show day. Rest assured, good entertainment, MAGIC, and gift giving are the perfect combination to make for happy shoppers, happy store owners and happy Mall Managers!











Do you have any questions for us? There are two ways to move forward. One is to call to discuss your entertainment needs in detail @ 703-404-8902 OR you can click the link below to go to our contact/booking page and  fill out the form. Be sure and tell us exactly what you are looking for and give us the date of your event. We will get back to you quickly with the price quote and to let you know if we are available on your requested date. So don’t delay. If you call you’ll likely be reaching my Office Manager Denise, who is also my lead assistant. And she is FANTASTIC in both of those roles.

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