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Thank you for your request regarding CARNEGIE – Artist of Mystery!  Our focus is to bring you the best possible performance to make your event MAGICAL and make your event planning worries vanish into thin air! We specialize in high quality magical entertainment and we also offer some additional unique magical entertainment services.

Let’s begin with those ‘unique magical entertainment services’ I just mentioned. Some companies are not looking for a show, but rather something to enhance or boost an existing program. Carnegie has a lot of experience in this area. A few years ago he received a phone call from a company who was putting on a big conference for their employees. They wanted to know if it was possible to make a special guest appear from no where. You Bet! Was the answer and they brought Carnegie in to make their guest speaker appear like MAGIC!

Another group was having a ribbon cutting event for a new movie theatre that was being built and wanted to know if we could incorporate their mascot. We made the company’s mascot appear from a giant box of popcorn! Later, they brought Carnegie back for a show and asked if he could once again use their mascot in the show. Carnegie made the portion of the program with the mascot the feature and they loved it!

So if you’d like us to Make your CEO or Special Guest Magically Appear for a conference or meeting, we can do that!. We can also create special magic to make your latest product appear from no where, or perhaps float in the air. The possibilities are endless! If you have something in mind, we’ll be happy to discuss it with you and see what we can develop.

Now, before I tell you about the show packages, take a moment to watch one of Carnegie’s signature magic routines. He often does this to open his stage shows and grab the attention of audience members during a banquet.


The Original, Carnegie – Artist of Mystery Show– is a solo production with just Dean Carnegie. He presents magic, both small and large, designed to thrill and delight. Some of the routines are of a comedic nature, some are mental illusions and some require the involvement of the entire audience. The idea behind the show is to emotionally connect to the audience on multiple levels, something most magic shows are unable to accomplish. One of the ways Carnegie does this is by making the audience part of the show. Interactive portions of the show allow the audience to experience magic right from their seats. Other times, audience members will be asked to join the show by coming on stage.  And for those who would rather not be an active participant there is still plenty of spectacle to enjoy from their seat. This show typically runs 50 minutes and is best for an audience of 10-100.

The Deluxe Version, Carnegie -The Artist of Mystery Show is entertaining, very visual, at times dramatic and other times quite humorous. Carnegie’s clever performances combine many special disciplines into a mind-boggling entertainment event. He will fill the room with laughter, conjure up looks of astonishment and leave you smiling from ear to ear. Many of the same interactive effects from the solo show are also in this program. The difference is, this show also has 2 or 3 stage illusions. We have a wide variety of illusions in our warehouse to choose from, and they are selected based mainly upon the performing conditions at the event. Some of the choices in the past included: Sawing a Spectator In Half, Shattered-The Broken Glass Mystery, The Woman Trapped in a Puzzle, or maybe even Floating Someone in the Air. Generally, this production requires 2-3 people, which would be Carnegie and his assistants. This show runs 50 minutes + and is best suited for an audience of 50-500

Carnegie’s GRAND Illusion Show (COMING SOON) This is a full evenings (90 minutes) entertainment with a cast and crew of several people. It contains, the interactive routines from the solo show, the comedy from the Deluxe show, and 4 or more Grand Illusions. This is a very theatrical Illusion show filled with stories, mystery, art and much more. This show runs 90 minutes and is ideal for groups of 100 and larger.

Unique Magic Services – These were mentioned above and consist of more customized presentations, like Making your CEO Appear from Thin Air and things of that nature. Please contact us to discuss your ideas and needs in this regard.

In plain English, all of Carnegie’s shows are designed to maximize audience enjoyment through carefully selected material that has been audience tested through hundreds of performances. Take a moment to watch a video of clips from a variety of Carnegie’s live performances.

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Do you have any questions? There are two ways to move forward. One is to call to discuss your entertainment needs in detail @ 703-404-8902 OR you can click the button below to go to our ‘ask for info/book a show’ form. Make sure to tell us what you are looking for and give us the date of your event. We will get back to you quickly. So don’t delay.

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