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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Thank you for your interest in CARNEGIE – Artist of Mystery!  Our focus is to bring you the best possible performance to add a really strong MAGICAL segment to your show! Dean has been making appearances on TV since the mid 1990s. When Dean began doing magic on TV he was going by the name Dean Alan and it wasn’t until the 2003 that he started using Dean Alan Carnegie and eventually just CARNEGIE. Today, not only can he do MAGIC for your viewing audience. He is also an authority on magic history and HOUDINI. And if you are looking for another unique angle, he is a magician who also paints, and what does he paint? Magicians! Visit artistofmystery.com to see the artwork.

There are several things that producers usually look for when bringing on a magic guest.

  • 1. Things that are visual and interesting

  • 2. Magic that involves the host or guests

  • 3. Magic that is easy to understand

  • 4. Magic that makes a strong impact on the  entire viewing audience.


When Dean began doing magic on TV he was going by the name Dean Alan and it wasn’t until the 2003 that he started using Dean Alan Carnegie and eventually just CARNEGIE.  He has done only local TV shows with the exception of a spot on RLTV, so we’re looking for our first NATIONAL appearace and it could be YOU! The magic he typically presents is close-up magic with the host. He has also presented larger illusions on tv. The most requested illusion was the ‘Sawing A Spectator in Half’.

Sawing a Spectator or Host In Halftv4a

This is a simple table with some wooden stocks that hold a person down to the table top. A metal bow saw is introduced, and while the spectator lies upon the table, stomach down with their face towards the audience.  Carnegie takes the instrument, places it in the stocks, and begins to saw away. In the process several pieces of wood or cardboard are cut as the blade visible makes its way through the spectator. The stocks are then removed to show the saw blade  is now underneath the spectator! This routine is always light hearted and fun. It is not meant to be a dramatic or dangerous piece. No harm will come to the spectator. There is an option for a ‘special moment’ that we can discuss with the producers. It’s always best to keep this ‘moment’ from the host in order to get the best REAL reaction possible from them.

Close-up Magictv1a

Whenever Carnegie chooses magic for TV, it generally has to involve the host and has to have strong impact. These effects are small, so the camera can come in tight. Typically, these effects use cards, coins, borrowed rings or similar small objects.

Mind Reading/Mentalism

Mind Reading effects are also very popular with TV audience. Though they are less visual, but they still have a strong impact. Because of the nature of mind reading, the host or spectators will be involved in these experiments and demonstrations.

HOUDINI and/or Magic History

Are you preparing a segment on HOUDINI and would like a guest with knowledge on the subject? Carnegie is very knowledgeable on the life of Houdini. His blog, themagicdetective.com has many articles on Houdini. The one thing that separates Carnegie from other Houdini historians is that he has first had experience in escapology and performing magic. So not only can he talk about Houdini, he can demonstrate many of his escapes! He can also talk about other magicians through history. Did you know that magicians have been visiting the White House to perform since President James Polk was in office? Abraham Lincoln often hosted events where famous magicians of the day performed. Did you know a famous magician once saved an audience of a thousand people from a theatre fire through a magic trick? There are so many fantastic stories in the world of magic and Carnegie is more than happy to share them!

Interactive Magic

Carnegie is really big on doing effects which involve the studio audience. He has several routines that everyone in the audience, including the host, can do along with him. Some involve props like cards. Some do not require any extra props at all. Because of the nature of this type of magic, even the home viewers can participate.

Radio Magic

That’s right MAGIC on the radio. For the most part, Carnegie presents different experiments in mind reading/mentalism that he can do with the radio host or with callers. He can talk about magic, magic history, magicians who have died tragic deaths, the true and false stories from the life of Houdini and much more. Listen to a recent interview (Jan 2015) on SpacedOutRadio where Dean talks about HOUDINI, magic history, and his own performing career. (Two Hour Interview)

Stand-up Stage Magic

hoopsCarnegie is happy to present parts of his stage act for the studio audience and viewing audience. In this case, there are a lot of routines to choose from. One of the most popular is a routine with finger rings borrowed from audience members. There are also routines that don’t require the participation of audience members or host, like the  Linking Hula Hoops. This is one of Carnegie’s signature routines. It has a running time of 3 minutes. It is presented silently to music. It’s very visual! It does not involve the host or spectators. Click here to view a video of the Linking Hula Hoop routine.

Steampunk Magic

Carnegie has developed a show called The Steampunk Illusionist. With the genre of Steampunk getting more and more popular, an appearance by the Steampunk Illusionist could be just the thing you need to spice up any Steampunk Segment!

Grand Illusion

This is the category of magic that involves large boxes  or large props and require a larger area to perform. Carnegie has a wide range of illusions he can present. These include illusions where people appear, or vanish, levitate, or are cut to pieces (different from the Sawing a Spectator). He can use an illusion to make the Host or Special Guest Magically Appear! Below is a video with clips of some magic and grand illusion from live performances.


There are two ways to move forward. One is to CALL to discuss having Carnegie on your show or discuss possible details of the proposed segment in detail @ 703-404-8902 OR you can click the link below which takes you to our contact/booking form. Just fill it out and be sure to mention you are a TV show in the comments box.  We will get back to you quickly. So don’t delay. Thanks!

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