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Show & FAQ.


Corporate & Banquets

Magic, mentalism and interactive mysteries to thrill modern audiences. What is real and what is Illusion? The two blend together in this mesmerizing and memorable show.

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Theatre, Fair/Festival

This is a brand new act which incorporates the ideas of time travel and Victorian Futurism into a theatrical magic act. Think of it as Houdini Meets H.G. Wells. This show has a site all it’s own or click below to go there.

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Shopping Mall Magic ShowThemed Magic Shows, Malls, Family Oriented

These are special shows for special occasions. Halloween Magic Programs. The Magical Production of the Easter Bunny for Spring. The Magical Production of Santa Claus for the Holidays and much much more.

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Performing Art Ctrs/Theatres, Festivals, Banquets and other

Incredible Illusions and stage magic to thrill and delight audiences of any age. In this show there is a fine line between where illusion ends and where the truth begins. For a mysterious, mesmerizing and memorable show you want the one and only Carnegie.

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Looking for a unique guest for your Talk Show? Consider having Carnegie who can do magic with the host, with a studio audience and even present feats that viewers at home can experience. Also an authority on deception, on Houdini, and the history of magic.

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Clients Looking for Unique Events for Publicity

Since the time of Houdini, specially designed escapes have proven to be great ways to garner press. They are dramatic and engaging. Take a look at the few escape stunts and other stunts Carnegie has in store! COMING SOON



What Kind of Show is this?
Carnegie presents an exciting show that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. The show(s) can include illusions, feats of dexterity, escape challenges, music, comedy and audience participation mixed throughout the show. There are DIFFERENT programs to choose from and each program has different aspects which make them unique.

How Long Is The Show?
The length can vary from a short 3 minute spot to a full hour + show as an evenings entertainment. The typical show time runs 40 minutes.

What Are The Requirements for Staging The Show?
They prefer a stage or raised platform; however, the show is designed to play just about anywhere. They don’t require special lighting or curtains, and they can bring their own sound in the event there is no house system. A room nearby to be used as a dressing room, is appreciated whenever possible.

Is This a Clean Show?
Absolutely!  The show is suitable for all ages. Please understand the Carnegie show is designed as a fun & mysterious event for adults, but if kids are present they will enjoy it as well.

How Many People Involved in the Show?
Usually the Carnegie show is a two to three person performance. They can offer a bigger show that requires larger crew to put together and present.

What Makes The Carnegie Show Different from other Magicians?
First the Carnegie Show is a full time professional operation; they are not weekend performers trying to supplement their income. The material in the show has been carefully selected for its uniqueness and visual impact. Even when Carnegie presents more classic or traditional routines, they are presented in a style that is unique to Carnegie and his crew. In addition, his new program The Steampunk Illusionist offers some very clever twists on the whole idea of magic by incorporating elements of Victorian Futurism into the show.

Five Things You Won’t See At the Carnegie Show
1. Rabbits. NO offense to our little friends, but no rabbit tricks in the show. You will see Top Hats but usually they are adorned with goggles!
2. Bored or sleeping members of the audience. The Carnegie Show is designed to keep and hold the audiences attention from start to finish.
3. Generic cookie cutter presentations. Carnegie and his crew put their own unique spin on all their material. In addition, they do their best to avoid ‘popular’ magic tricks so if you’ve hired a magician before you can expect to see original material.
4. You won’t see Tigers in the show, sorry.

5. Camera Tricks…..unless it is a trick WITH a camera.