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EVENT ILLUSIONIST  – 3 Different Shows

The Carnegie Artist of Mystery Show

Carnegie’s show of magic and illusion is entertaining, fast paced, and very interactive. Carnegie likes to involve his audience as much as possible, so expect to join in the fun. He loves to create moments that are visually amazing. But mostly, he wants to create an environment where people can enjoy themselves, whether it be to laugh at the antics on stage, or be caught up in a story, or spellbound by a particular mystery.

This show can play to a small group and can be enlarged to fill the biggest showroom. Let us know what you need and we will create the best possible program for your event.


The Astonify Show is a theatrical recreation of a Victorian Parlor Magic performance combined with a full light Spirit Seance. Both, Parlor Magic and Seances were popular in the 19th Century. This combination has rarely been seen since. This show is NOT just for Halloween, but rather, it’s available all year long.

This show is designed for smaller venues. It can play for as few as 25 and as many as 200. For businesses, it’s a great activity for groups and teams to enjoy together.

For ticketed venues, it can really pull in the couples, as this show makes a fun date night event.

The Steampunk Illusionist

The Steampunk Illusionist is a theatrical exhibition of the finest Victorian Illusions and re-imagined magical mysteries. Along with Victorian Magic, Carnegie introduces an array of unusual inventions such as his time machine, teleportation device, steam powered contraptions, and novelties unlike anything found in modern times.

The show blends sleight of hand, mind manipulation, and Grand Illusion together into a one of a kind Steampunk magic production!
There is a site devoted to the Steampunk Show SteampunkIllusionist.com

When you and your friends become part of the show, it creates a memory that lasts forever!


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