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COMING SOON: The Secret Techniques Used By The Great HOUDINI To Become a Superstar and How You Can Use Those Same Techniques To Move Ahead In Your Career!

Author, Marketer, and Houdini Expert Dean Carnegie will share the Secrets that Made Houdini Famous. No, not his tricks, rather, his marketing secrets that propelled him far above the competition. Harry Houdini died 92 years ago, yet his name lives on, while other entertainers from his time period are mostly forgotten.

Houdini had very humble beginnings. His family immigrated to the U.S. when he was very young. They remained quite poor during most of Houdini’s childhood. Yet he was able to move beyond that to become one of the highest paid entertainers of his day.

In this talk, Dean Carnegie will share with you the techniques that Houdini used to keep his name in the press. How he was able to rise above other entertainers to grab the spotlight. And most importantly, he will show you how these principles can be used by businesses and individuals in the 21st Century to move ahead.

None of these techniques are ‘magic’. But used in certain combinations and with the right frequency they certainly can have magical results. To find out more about this unique talk, contact us today!

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